All too often we hear what our clients think branding is, after sitting in a meeting for 30 minutes they walk away and see the truth. A bit like the scene in the Matrix when Neo decides what pill to take. Branding is not just a logo on a website, it is the sole reason you are doing what you are doing, selling what you are selling, teaching, entertaining. it's your story with twists and turns. It's your calling to your customers. If that story is not strong enough then no customer is going to buy into your product or service. How many times do you watch a film and yell out at the screen “That wouldn't happen, they wouldn't do that!”  your suspended disbelief is broken and you will probably tune out of said film and switch to a better film that resonates with you, truly relates to your life and the things you hold dear.
This is no different than going to the shop and seeing a pair of jeans, they have a tag on them saying “homemade in Texas”, company established 1853 a small blurb about the true essence of jeans, they even have a packet of spare buttons with them to suggest that you will NEVER need another pair of jeans because these are built so well. A timeless logo to accompany the year of establishment. You pick them up and feel the product, oh wow they feel incredible, this resonates with me I buy expensive things because they last..
NO THEY DONT! Because your brain is wired to see something different next week and do EXACTLY the same thing. Now, hanging in the rail next to it is a pair of jeans with no year of establishment, no cool timeless logo and no label to explain the true art of making jeans, there are no spare buttons for repairs. BUT, it's all we can afford right now because, you know, “times like these”. So, we want to spend the trillion pounds on a pair of cool jeans but we just can't, so we go for the terrible non-existent brand and walk off with a terrible product come back next week for the same torture, BUT, what do we remember? that's right... the brand! we go away and dream of those spare buttons, the feel of the denim the cool blue look our legs could have, and we do ANYTHING to achieve it.
At konstrukt, we can help build your story and make your product the desirable pair of jeans everyone wants, or the service everyone needs, the music people need to hear. You let us know what industry you are in and we do the heavy lifting.
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