Branding and E-learning creation

Vitally Vegan

Vitally Vegan wanted to stand out in a crowded market place they worked with us to understand what packaging they use and how we could brand certain things to come in line with them wanting to be 100% plastic-free.

We spent time sitting with Vitally Vegan and working with them to deliver an incredible product. Victoria The founder is passionate about animals and trying everything she can in her power to not create any wasteful product. She wanted a super tasty protein powder that has no chemicals or enhanced sugars. She also didnt want to use any plastic in the packaging whatsoever so we got thinking about how we could deliver a modern but timeless product for her.

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Social media updates

A lot of the time we produce the artwork for companies and brands and then this is given down to social media teams who don't have the correct skillset to create on-brand graphic content for social media. We work with Vitally vegan and the brand guidelines we gave them to produce some great artwork for their social channels.

E-Learning design and building the VitallyVegan academy for retailers and customers.

Vitally Vegan know everything there is to know about becoming vegan. They wanted to build an academy for new starters and for people that may not know certain information. It is also a great tool for on boarding retailers and teaching them every las detail of the product.

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